Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finding the Perfect Hue

Have you ever wondered how fabrics come together flawlessly?  You oooh and ahhhh over the pretty combinations and how they just seem to work together. Now, I must admit, we make it look pretty easy, don't we? But the truth is is anything but. Designers have a trained eye when it comes to selecting the perfect hues to compliment and enhance each other.

Don't believe me? Here's a little bit of proof. I introduced you to the mommy-suite/nursery we're working on and only showed you the final design choices. But do you have any tdea how long it took us to get there?

This was the fabric everyone fell in love with....

We sourced this lovely Beacon Hill cheetah print that the clients absolutely adored. We used this fabric as our jumping off point for the rest of the colour story in the room. After deciding this, we set off to find the perfect blue to match and accent the small spots inside the cheetah print to pull the colour throughout the room. Sounds simple, you say? 

When viewed individually, it was easy to pull together some options. Once compared to the Cheetah fabric, things weren't looking so easy anymore. As you can see in the array of blues above, each blue has it's own underlying tones. Some have hints of green, some have hints of brown, some have a peek of purple, some seem too grey. On top of this, different textures react differently under diverse lighting conditions.  
This happens every day where people will go to the store thinking they're buying the perfect item, but then when they get it home and compare it to the other items in their house and their different lighting, it can look completely crazy! 

In the end?

We found the perfect match as we always do. The fabrics are of similar texture and we were able to help pull the colour story throughout the space.

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