Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Finishing Touches for Project Bedford Park

For the past couple of months we've been giving you peeks and teasers into Project Bedford Park and last Thursday was finally install day, if you're following us on instagram you may have already seen some of these beauty shots. Talk about transformation.......

Remember me? 

After a little House of Design pro touch 

This project is a perfect example of how we can work with client's existing pieces and still transform their spaces. The large cozy sectional, the warm hardwood floors and their fireplace all stayed in tacked (we are replacing the gold trim around the fireplace though). Most people will assume a designer comes in and tells their client's to get rid of everything, while that could be the case (sometimes) we do love working with client's existing pieces - if their worth keeping. This sofa was definitely worth it, a true investment piece. However, the sofa still had the standard grey cushions it came with and really lacked any kind of excitement, truthfully there was nothing wrong with them the fact that it was just dull and boring. 

And, so our smart client's hire us to wow them! We introduced them to lush velvets in deep jewel tones with accent piping and gave them some real drama. We also used large, like extremely large, so large in fact the client almost had a heart attach when they saw them (in a good way, I hope) zebra print velvet pillows to add some playful pattern in this young couple's family room. 

We also incorporated a custom wall unit, which really gave the room some presence. This unit was really a labour of love. It went through many revisions, customizations, tweeks, colour changes - you name it we did it. Our self-proclaimed "picky client's" wanted something so specific that we really had to design the perfect piece. And now it's here, installed and I can finally sleep.  It adds plenty of storage, it lets the TV hang in the right spot and overall it allows the room to feel grand.  

Usually we like to wait to have everything in and delivered in one day. This way we can accessorize, fluff, hang, set up - really put it all together. It wasn't easy (understatement) keeping them out but we kicked out asked our clients politely to leave the house and really gave them an HGTV moment. This way we can do what we do best DESIGN! We didn't let them see anything before hand, not even the custom art we completely created from scratch, kind of. 
 Nicole found a vintage map of Toronto and divided it into 16 pieces, we hung them gallery style and are now we're hoping to add lights on top. 

Here's a couple close ups of the details!
An Erica Gelman Original 
Round Diamond tufted ottoman... Swoon!

Details of this vintage 1916 map of the Greater Toronto Area.

Styling with unique accent pieces and books about fashion helps to create a story within the wall unit. Working in the clients' wedding album and other small accent pieces personalize the wall unit.

Check back soon for more pictures of finished powder room and foyer. Want more Project Bedford Park? So did we! So much that we're coming back for a kitchen renovation in the near future so stay posted for updates on that!

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