Thursday, October 4, 2012

Davisville Drama - Part 1

Back in May I was contacted by a young couple who were ready to tear apart their modest house and turn it into their forever home. They already had drawings, plans, architects, builders and contractors all lined up and ready to go. They made a great  decision to call moi, the designer, before they began demo and construction.  This gave us the opportunity to change a few things including moving a toilet from the center of the room to a hidden nook in the corner PLEASE NOTE: a toilet is NOT a focal point! Never! 

Typically - I get calls from client's who are looking for full service design & renovation. One big package including me and my design team along with Eric, our general contractor and his crew. It's easier for clients to know they can call me for trade assistance  like - when is the electrician scheduled to be on-site? or ask Eric to make quick design decisions because he knows my style so well. We keep everything in-house to simplify the process for our clients. However - I do work with other contractors and vise versa for Eric. This was one of those instances - my clients already had their team in place. A decision they'd go on to regret.....

And so the demolition began and their 1500 sq/ft home was turning into 2,500 sq/ft of living space. HUGE ADDITION to their property! Everything was going smoothly minus a few bumps and hiccups in the road - nothing major to report until we hit September. Their contractor had planned on completing the project and having the family move in the beginning of September.  As it turned out the contractor had also booked a vacation for himself, which he expected to take following the completion of this extensive remodel. As it turned out the project was running longer then expected and he began panicking. So the contractor decided to get his hands dirty (literally) and tried to complete some of the work on his own. "Some of the work" was now turning into plumbing work, WARNING: unless you are a licensed plumber please do not touch the pipes because you will damage something. Period. End of discussion. Guaranteed.

Then, Monday morning rolled around and I received that dreaded phone call from my client saying "it's bad, it's really bad". The entire house was under water.

Basement - tragically ruined

Main Floor - disaster

2nd Floor - semi salvageable

Just to give you an idea of where the project was in terms of completion - I was ready to go on-site that afternoon to guide the electrician in hanging the chandeliers.
YA, it was bad......but its gets BETTER!
More details to come.....

This is our concept board including our colour palette

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