Monday, February 13, 2012

Glamorous Baby Suite

It's not every day that I get to live vicariously through a client, especially when this "client" isn't even born YET! However, that is exactly the case with my latest Designer Nursery project - which I prefer to call the Glamorous Baby Suite, it's much more fitting in my opinion.

I should have known that this project would be different, it was full of uncommon aspects right from the start. A few months ago I got a phone call from a dad-to-be who felt that although his wife had fantastic taste and knew exactly what she liked, mom-to-be was having a really hard time making any kind of final decision. He confessed to me that he did not want his 6 months pregnant wife stressing over these choices, but rather felt like hiring a designer would be best to make her life easier. Obviously I agreed! How great is that, dad was the one who initiated the design process and although all my meetings were with Vanessa aka mom-to-be, just knowing that he was equally as anxious as she was to see it all come together was great.

During our first meeting mom-to-be proclaimed words that spoke like music to my hears.... She wanted a nursery that was designed with pure luxury in mind, a room based around style and refined elegance, I told you it was going to be different. Dad-to-be was right, Vanessa herself has wonderful taste and made putting these pieces together very easy. There was no second guessing, she just needed someone to guide the way. Final result....think velvet flocked drapery, silk bedding, bold colours, metallic accents and crystal embellishments. Can you say baby heaven? If that doesn't scream 'glamorous baby suite' then I don't know what does. Which brings me back to my first point of why I'm living vicariously through this baby and her luxurious accommodations. I can't wait to design HER master bedroom in 25-30 years.

We're just about putting the finishing touches in this baby suite so I can't give away the whole room design but I will share a peak at the unbelievably stunning drapery and bedding.

Gray Silk is wrapped around a decorative valance which hangs above the fucshia flocked drapery panels

Fucshia bows & blanket with silver & cream bumpers detailed w/  fucshia piping...

This is actually much more true to the colour of the drapery aswell, still love my instgram

Room will be all ready for baby's arrival!