Friday, February 10, 2012

Major Changes at HOD

I'm so so so excited about some major changes at House of Design I can hardly contain myself.

First order of business my website :::: although it looks really pretty on paper having to dictate house (dash) of (dash) design is quit frankly a pain in the behind. Solution = new domain name!
My entire website will be redirected to yes, I've taken the big girl step and branded myself.

Speaking of branding myself, guess who also got a new logo? That's right, its moi!
My current logo was designed about 4 years ago, a time where I saw my business in a completely different way then I do now. My new logo speaks volumes to me and represents my company image precisely. Needless to say,  I couldn't be happier the final results. It was an idea I had while having a late night coffee date with my best friend, who was talented enough to take a napkin sketch and turn it into a reality.  
A super big thank you to my besty for creating my perfect new logo

Can't wait to go live with the new website, i'll keep you guys posted.