Monday, April 23, 2012

House of Design gets published!!!

Very exciting news - House of Design makes its debut on paper!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Karim Rashid @ BoConcept

If there is one word to describe designer Karim Rashid - besides the obvious - talented, visionary, brilliant, creative, original - I would say he's pretty awesome. Awesome - a word so over used in society today, a word that almost lacks in any actual meaning is in fact the perfect description of Mr. Rashid. If you don't know who he is - look him up! He is a globetrotting product designer, interior/ architectural designer, furniture designer, speaker and he even tested his DJ skills at IDS here in Toronto this past January.
Yesterday I attended the opening of his latest furniture collection at the BoConcept store in Toronto. The event, put together by Sharyn Smith of EventfulPR was a huge success. The place was full of great designers, bloggers, media personalities and industry peeps. We all got the first look of The Ottawa Collection fully designed by Karim Rashid himself.
Karim, who by the way is so intriguing and well spoken that it is so easy to get wrapped up in all his words spoke about his concept and design philosophy. He told the story of his minimalistic vision and quest to produce furniture with function and comfort as key design elements. His goal is ultimately to create a pleasurable experience when using his furniture pieces, specifically his chairs. The collection features
The Ottawa Chair - a piece that began as abstract design, which is actually the way he prefers for things to remain - abstract.  Karim even went so far as to say he guarantees comfort while sitting in his chairs - and even joked that if anyone found it uncomfortable he'd give them away for free! The collection includes
The Ottawa Chair available in 54 colours, The 14 person expandable Table, a rug with Mr. Rashid's own thumb print, fun and colourful pillows, playful accessories, and The Side Board
all available at the BoConcept Store Toronto - 230 Adelaide Street East.

Me and some talented designers & bloggers having too much fun!
Christine Da Costa, Nicholas Rosaci, Jo Alcorn, and Vanessa Francis

Vanessa Francis, Christine Da Costa, Nicholas Rosaci, Sharyn Smith and Moi

Moi again, Vanessa Francis, & Christine Da Costa,

Photography by Larry Arnal