Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Reveal - Fabulous Home Office

This is the story of how a suburban basement transformed into something super fabulous.... 

Once upon a time there was an unused basement storage room that turned into a sanctuary style home office. You see, my client Simone Sinclair  aka The Shapeshifter a nutritionist, hypnotherapist, national bikini champion, mom of three, wife to one (the list goes on and one) had this idea of bringing out the superhero with-in all women because she believed that we all have that ability to be our best selves. As a result, she enlisted in my best services - interior design and asked me to create a cocoon style environment where her "super heroes" in training could feel safe and relaxed in a tranquil setting. I was thrilled with this opportunity. And since this operation was all about finding the best, my clients' main objective was that all the finishes and furnishings would need to be just that in order to find a home in this fabulous space! 

Easy enough, we pretty much nailed the colour and fabric scheme on the first sourcing trip, we were ecstatic to say the least; cream, coral and gold how divine! 

Could it be that easy??? nah! 

Fabric back-orders ultimately resulted in a ruined plan. We needed to be open and flexible, which in reality is the truth of what makes any project successful. After the initial shock wore off we decided it was sign, the office would need to be even better, but was that even possible? YES! We tweaked the design and rearranged the fabric placement yet we kept the concept and mood of the space. 

Like I said, every piece that found a place in this room had to be amazing and beyond, it had to boost loads of characters and personality, not something you automatically think of when the words subdivision basement come to mind. One of the first pieces we found was the Throne Chair, who wouldn't want that in their office? And I mean, personality is an understatement when it comes to this chair. And speaking of personality, we incorporated vintage pieces my client already had and refinished them. Pairing the old with along new furnishings will produce a more collected look rather than a typical showroom feel.

 However, it’s not just furniture that gives charisma to a room or a home; its the details. And what better detail then paneled walls? Not only does paneling a surface provide unbelievable texture but it also gives the setting a sense of depth and a layered effect. We also wanted to incorporate contemporary elements while still presenting the allure of vintage charm. Our very last step was choosing the wall colour, something deep and dark, the 'wow-factor' is what we were looking for, we chose this fresh hue with the perfect mixture of gray and indigo. It was the element that tied it all in together and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Here it is before.....

and now.... happily ever after

Photography by Larry Arnal - Arnal Photography 

I hope you enjoyed! 


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