Monday, February 6, 2012

New HOD Project

A few months ago I met with potential new clients who, like most parents felt there home was simply catered to child related living rather then a grown up environment. Although their adorable two year daughter had taken over the family home they weren't ready to kick her out juuuuussst yet! :::::kidding::::::

My new clients love to entertain and when I say love to entertain I really mean it. They host parties ALL the time; kids birthdays, adult festivities, family functions, you name it they host it. These celebrations typically result in 20-30 people squeezing into their great room, one on top of the other. Needless to say, seating was top priority on their "list". Also in high importance was the idea of a lived-in space, nothing that looked "untouchable" meaning no white sofa with cream pillows. They wanted a clean aesthetic with contemporary finishes; nothing to modern or over-the-top traditional. They want to be able to enjoy their home and feel a sense of serenity in it. During our initial meeting we threw ideas back and forth and they loved the vision I had for their comfy, yet kid friendly grown up space, so they gave me the approval to move forward and here we are starting a new project at House of Design.

My clients' home is a semi new build which means it lakes in historic significance and architectural detailing. I do have to point out though, the home itself has a very unique open concept floor plan with multiple levels and exceptionally high ceiling in designated areas. But overall it's pretty much a typical suburban home that's crying out for some personality.

Here is a "before" picture... 

Good News: All Furniture MUST GO!!!

Kitchen will remain will a few added finishes

Stay tuned for updates.....

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