Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Princess Margaret Home Lottery 2012

Would you pay $100 for a chance to live in a 7,662 sq/ft $3.79 Million Dollar Mansion? I would!

It's that time of the year when people drive from near and far for their chance to walk through The Princess Margaret Home Lottery "dream home". I too get equally excited to tour this showhome. My anticipation stems from different reasons then most, for me it's the expectation of seeing a design masterpiece. Although, walking through this mansion and envisioning myself as the big winner does cross my mind, once or twice. Greenpark interior designer Jack A. Celli does this incredible mansion every year from start to finish. This year's home is elegant yet bright and airy. Marble, marble and more marble adorn this manor so if carrara is not your thing, look away. This mansion has four luxurious bedrooms, an entertainment area equipped with three plasma TVs, a pool table, woven leather club chairs and a spa inspired basement with a gym, above ground pool and a wet steam shower. The gourmet kitchen is a transitional white & gray combo with not only a servery but also a separate "homework office", I thought the huge chalk board for daily notes was such a cute idea. This kitchen and the funky family room are divided with a two-sided glass tile fireplace, one of my favourite design details. The living and dining room are simple but tastefully done, a little surprising I must say. These main floor rooms are typically the piece de resistance, THE space where you can wow your guests and really indulge in over the top design fashions but the design team chose to go minimal in these otherwise formal rooms.  

In my opinion, for whatever it's worth, I believe that year after year the same design crew puts together these spectacular homes and although they are gorgeous, it may be time to see another great designer's vision transform this grand prize house into their idea of a
dream home.
Just Imagine Brian Gluckstein's lottery home!
AND one day, Erica Gelman's lottery home, oh...wait... that's me
(a girl can dream!)

On a serious note, The Princess Margaret Hospital holds a really special place in my heart, it was the place my grandfather spent his last days and although he never made it out there are thousands that do. Everyone knows someone who is either batteling, has battled, or lost their battle with cancer and The Princess Margaret Hospital is trying to put an end to that. So buy a ticket even if you don't end up the lucky winner of this fab home.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Glamorous Baby Suite

It's not every day that I get to live vicariously through a client, especially when this "client" isn't even born YET! However, that is exactly the case with my latest Designer Nursery project - which I prefer to call the Glamorous Baby Suite, it's much more fitting in my opinion.

I should have known that this project would be different, it was full of uncommon aspects right from the start. A few months ago I got a phone call from a dad-to-be who felt that although his wife had fantastic taste and knew exactly what she liked, mom-to-be was having a really hard time making any kind of final decision. He confessed to me that he did not want his 6 months pregnant wife stressing over these choices, but rather felt like hiring a designer would be best to make her life easier. Obviously I agreed! How great is that, dad was the one who initiated the design process and although all my meetings were with Vanessa aka mom-to-be, just knowing that he was equally as anxious as she was to see it all come together was great.

During our first meeting mom-to-be proclaimed words that spoke like music to my hears.... She wanted a nursery that was designed with pure luxury in mind, a room based around style and refined elegance, I told you it was going to be different. Dad-to-be was right, Vanessa herself has wonderful taste and made putting these pieces together very easy. There was no second guessing, she just needed someone to guide the way. Final result....think velvet flocked drapery, silk bedding, bold colours, metallic accents and crystal embellishments. Can you say baby heaven? If that doesn't scream 'glamorous baby suite' then I don't know what does. Which brings me back to my first point of why I'm living vicariously through this baby and her luxurious accommodations. I can't wait to design HER master bedroom in 25-30 years.

We're just about putting the finishing touches in this baby suite so I can't give away the whole room design but I will share a peak at the unbelievably stunning drapery and bedding.

Gray Silk is wrapped around a decorative valance which hangs above the fucshia flocked drapery panels

Fucshia bows & blanket with silver & cream bumpers detailed w/  fucshia piping...

This is actually much more true to the colour of the drapery aswell, still love my instgram

Room will be all ready for baby's arrival!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Major Changes at HOD

I'm so so so excited about some major changes at House of Design I can hardly contain myself.

First order of business my website :::: although it looks really pretty on paper having to dictate house (dash) of (dash) design is quit frankly a pain in the behind. Solution = new domain name!
My entire website will be redirected to yes, I've taken the big girl step and branded myself.

Speaking of branding myself, guess who also got a new logo? That's right, its moi!
My current logo was designed about 4 years ago, a time where I saw my business in a completely different way then I do now. My new logo speaks volumes to me and represents my company image precisely. Needless to say,  I couldn't be happier the final results. It was an idea I had while having a late night coffee date with my best friend, who was talented enough to take a napkin sketch and turn it into a reality.  
A super big thank you to my besty for creating my perfect new logo

Can't wait to go live with the new website, i'll keep you guys posted.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Reveal - Fabulous Home Office

This is the story of how a suburban basement transformed into something super fabulous.... 

Once upon a time there was an unused basement storage room that turned into a sanctuary style home office. You see, my client Simone Sinclair  aka The Shapeshifter a nutritionist, hypnotherapist, national bikini champion, mom of three, wife to one (the list goes on and one) had this idea of bringing out the superhero with-in all women because she believed that we all have that ability to be our best selves. As a result, she enlisted in my best services - interior design and asked me to create a cocoon style environment where her "super heroes" in training could feel safe and relaxed in a tranquil setting. I was thrilled with this opportunity. And since this operation was all about finding the best, my clients' main objective was that all the finishes and furnishings would need to be just that in order to find a home in this fabulous space! 

Easy enough, we pretty much nailed the colour and fabric scheme on the first sourcing trip, we were ecstatic to say the least; cream, coral and gold how divine! 

Could it be that easy??? nah! 

Fabric back-orders ultimately resulted in a ruined plan. We needed to be open and flexible, which in reality is the truth of what makes any project successful. After the initial shock wore off we decided it was sign, the office would need to be even better, but was that even possible? YES! We tweaked the design and rearranged the fabric placement yet we kept the concept and mood of the space. 

Like I said, every piece that found a place in this room had to be amazing and beyond, it had to boost loads of characters and personality, not something you automatically think of when the words subdivision basement come to mind. One of the first pieces we found was the Throne Chair, who wouldn't want that in their office? And I mean, personality is an understatement when it comes to this chair. And speaking of personality, we incorporated vintage pieces my client already had and refinished them. Pairing the old with along new furnishings will produce a more collected look rather than a typical showroom feel.

 However, it’s not just furniture that gives charisma to a room or a home; its the details. And what better detail then paneled walls? Not only does paneling a surface provide unbelievable texture but it also gives the setting a sense of depth and a layered effect. We also wanted to incorporate contemporary elements while still presenting the allure of vintage charm. Our very last step was choosing the wall colour, something deep and dark, the 'wow-factor' is what we were looking for, we chose this fresh hue with the perfect mixture of gray and indigo. It was the element that tied it all in together and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Here it is before.....

and now.... happily ever after

Photography by Larry Arnal - Arnal Photography 

I hope you enjoyed! 


Monday, February 6, 2012

New HOD Project

A few months ago I met with potential new clients who, like most parents felt there home was simply catered to child related living rather then a grown up environment. Although their adorable two year daughter had taken over the family home they weren't ready to kick her out juuuuussst yet! :::::kidding::::::

My new clients love to entertain and when I say love to entertain I really mean it. They host parties ALL the time; kids birthdays, adult festivities, family functions, you name it they host it. These celebrations typically result in 20-30 people squeezing into their great room, one on top of the other. Needless to say, seating was top priority on their "list". Also in high importance was the idea of a lived-in space, nothing that looked "untouchable" meaning no white sofa with cream pillows. They wanted a clean aesthetic with contemporary finishes; nothing to modern or over-the-top traditional. They want to be able to enjoy their home and feel a sense of serenity in it. During our initial meeting we threw ideas back and forth and they loved the vision I had for their comfy, yet kid friendly grown up space, so they gave me the approval to move forward and here we are starting a new project at House of Design.

My clients' home is a semi new build which means it lakes in historic significance and architectural detailing. I do have to point out though, the home itself has a very unique open concept floor plan with multiple levels and exceptionally high ceiling in designated areas. But overall it's pretty much a typical suburban home that's crying out for some personality.

Here is a "before" picture... 

Good News: All Furniture MUST GO!!!

Kitchen will remain will a few added finishes

Stay tuned for updates.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sneak peaks and project updates

Ever wonder what's cooking in my kitchen? What's brewing in my design lab? Well here it is, a little taste of what's happening at House of Design in 2012....

This year is off to a very busy start and I couldn't be more happy or thankful for that. With two installs this week alone - one for my lush loft project and the other for my glamorous nursery, I never thought I could sneeze in a photo shoot but I did! I have a scheduled shoot for one of my favorite projects to date, can I say that? (Full detailed story on that space after the shoot) But I will say, not only is the room Ammmmaaazing but the story behind it is such a true testament to great design, real project obstacles and good ol' designer's trust, can't wait to share!! 

Here are some sneak peaks....

Without giving away too much, here is a teeny tiny sample of what's happening over at my
Glam Nursery project.....hint Fuchsia & Bows 

Today is the day we do the photo shoot in the Office Project.
Here's just a taste, a very sweet taste  of the finished product. 

I'll give you a peak of the custom wall unit over at the Loft Project. The stunning cream quartz counter top was installed and completely made this unit a standout piece, not that it wasn't totally incredible before but this was just the icing on the cake.

Hope you enjoyed!!