Friday, January 27, 2012

IDS 2012

Last night marked the opening Gala for the Interior Design Show (IDS) here in Toronto. It's really the event  designers and the design community look forward to every year so as a tribute last nights evening was rightfully named

Party = party attire and I love dressing up!! no really, I love these events. struttn' in my heels amongst the best of the best of my industry. And last night was no exception. Besides the incredible talent, the innovative products and the latest design trends there's also this Ora amongst tremendously polished individuals who bring out utter greatness and true inspiration.  
This night sets itself apart from any other, without question.  

Last night I found a common theme / trend brewing up a storm. Something I can only describe as
Colour your world in 2012

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace of Dee Dee Taylor Hannah designined this eye catching Tangerine space which included a kitchen, a bedroom and even a bath - all in the very bright hue.
A real show stopper! 

Don't be affraid to add vibrant tiles to your home it makes for great conversation

A HUGE trend alert - Coloured faucets, spouts and even shower systems
These were everywhere coutresy of Moen, Rubinets, Brizo, Grohe  

So much fun!! Even though this space is playing in colour its still grounded by art deco and Marrocan inspired finishes
Coutesy of L'atelier Toronto

Snob, who's name I adore,  is another great example of pops of bright and vibrant colour! They carry some outrageous exotics straight from Africa how inspiring is that!

Had a sneak this one in!!
That's me playing the role of my DREAM job