Monday, December 12, 2011

Lake Shore Project Reveal....

Just over a year ago I was contact by an awesome couple who bought their first downtown Toronto condo together. They both loved the location, the building, the view and the open concept of their 650 sq/ft condo. What they did not love was decor/set-up the previous owners were living in. This is very typical and usually the cause of most people's anxiety/ sleepless nights / questioning themselves about their new purchase. This is the perfect time to hire a designer, even just for a consultation it will save you years off your life but putting your mind ease. This is exactly what my clients did, they hired a professional - so smart they were.
Seriously, wouldn't this give you a headache too......

The furniture is way to big and over scaled for this space, not mention it hides the amazing 36th floor view.

P.S...People stop buying sofas that look like over stuffed garbage bags...please!

Although the dining table is a good size it shows no personality, can you say boringggg?

I know the condo is small but the desk, the messy desk should never EVER be a focal point.

Before even taking possession of their property, emails went back and forth and I reassured them that regardless of the mess the condo is in now it will be perfect for them once we're done. We had a site visit before closing and pretty much knew where we were going in terms of design. My clients are a young vibrant couple who love to entertain and really wanted their space the reflect their lifestyle and personality.
So that is exactly what I gave them;
a fun space, not to serious not to stuffy but grown up enough for a mature engaged couple
(who by the way got engaged during our planning stages, see good design makes EVERYTHING better).

Better, right? We all think so!

Custom Pillows give the West Elm  Sofa a unique look.

Custom Chairs - with contrasting fabric give the set a modern vibe

Hello Wallpaper!!! to.die.for 

Another project by Erica Gelman
House of Design