Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby M's Designer Nursery: Sneak Peak

Being a designer sometimes requires you to also be a mind reader. I know, that's a crazy difficult task but hey, we're up for the challenge! In all honesty though sometimes a designer just needs to be able to pick up on words and transform them into a vision and ultimately a creation. Often this is the case when your client can't emphasize the vocabulary needed to explain their visual thoughts. That said, this is the situation we as designers are put in more often than not, it's in our job description... must be telepathic.


However, emotion is much more valuable in design than words may be. That is why my samples are my lifesavers! I may throws fancy "design vocabulary" my clients way and I may even use words that don't translate into English for them, "monochromatic" what? BUT the moment a client touches a piece of fabric or lay their eyes on 'that' sofa, the one they had always dreamed of or even the space planning they couldn't figure out for months just somehow fits like a perfect puzzle their emotions go into sensory overload, a light goes off and all of sudden that mumbo-jumbo design terminology all starts to somehow make sense.

That's exactly the reaction I had when baby M's mother-to-be saw all the fabric and wallpaper samples I had presented to her (refer to last weeks post). It was that moment she knew her dream nursery would very soon become a reality.

Here is the very FIRST sneak peak of Baby M's Designer Nursery

If you've been following along, great! If not catch up... :)

Thank you so much for all the love & support!!