Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby M's Designer Nursery: Update

If you're following along on my journey then you'll know I'm designing my very good friends/client's nursery. You haven't missed much though...
perfect timing!

After my effective motivational/inspirational style search I had presented the images to my clients anticipating I would broaden there horizons and they would have a better understanding of the different avenues we could take. Surprisingly they didn't fall in love with any of the rooms. However, I was thrilled...yes thrilled with that response. If you fall in love with a space and want to duplicate it then why would you hire a designer? you pretty much don't need me (and FYI I enjoy being needed). I want my clients to allow me to build a room where they feel special and unique and feel like it was truly designed for them. The images are purely a starting point.

I asked Baby M's anxious parents to entirely ignore all the obvious elements in the "inspirational" nurseries and focus on something that jumped out at them; I wasn't really looking for much just a speckle of something/anything...
YES that's a very technical design term; "Speckle of something".

And a "speckle" they found. They were drawn to the modern gray nursery; 
it was vivid and like nothing they've ever seen and that is exactly the fundamentals they wanted to implement in their/my design.

Lo and behold this is what my magical sourcing powers produced.....


VIOLET!! we're ditching the Pink and going straight to Purple - so fashion forward

Wallpaper samples - I know very non typical "baby" choices but I told you it's
a Designer Nursery
Wallpaper is by far my favourite go-to accent/statement piece in any room
(from the fun nursery to the formal living room you can't go wrong)

Fabric: We've got fabrics for bedding, drapery & many options so little space

OH did I mention we're doing custom bedding???
The bumper, the bed skirt & the blanket are all
ONE OF A KIND - Erica Gelman Originals

 If you want to see what our final selections are you'll have to some back to the blog for Update #3 -

Coming up on next week's update: sneak peak of the ridiculously fabulous crib they've selected.

I hope you enjoyed and I'd LOVE your feedback......