Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby ..... it's gonna be a Designer Nursery

A very good friend of mine, who just so happens to be very pregnant had come to me with an extremely special request; her and her husband had proposed that I design their baby's nursery. I was thrilled with the prospect but more so I was honoured that they wanted their baby to live in one of my designer rooms.
Being the first child for both of them they knew they wanted a special place to come home to after the arrival of "Baby M". Without question I took them on as clients and went full force into nursery planning mode.

As any designer will tell you, being given the opportunity to work and explore colour and pattern limitless is invaluable. We, as designers are usually thrown restrictions and/or perimeters to work with-in, not always but the majority of the time this applies. So when a client tell you to run free with your imagination that is the kind of statement we live for.

BUT before I could run free with my ideas I needed to figure out if they had their own vision for the space. Luckily, they did not, I love when clients defer the creativity to the professionals; I mean we are the ones who hold a superior design knowledge, no? The only request I was given was "no typical nursery,please" the whole animal prints and cutesy baby themed patterns were not allowed in Baby M's new headquarters. I mean commmmon do I look like I would design a 'Toy Story comes to life ' kind of interior? Why shouldn't Baby M live in a space that's less than the standard of the rest of the house; clean & modern with simple yet bold features.

And so I began my nursery "inspiration" research...

I first looked at Mariah Carey's stunning yet over the top $100,000 nursery but then I was told it's
not exactly their in the budget!
(i just hate when that happens)


 Hello My Dream's nice to meet you
The opulence in this suite is second to none. It's basically crying out "I will be an expensive child, beware"
The bold prints, the striking fuchsia hues, the sparkle, the dazzle and faboulosity this nursery processes is breathtaking. The cabinetry which is used as a change table and dresser can easily double as a kitchen island
(in bigger scale) and fit right in.
But the piece du rezistance is the chandelier...i mean it's beyond words...I'm speechless.


What a fantastic way to design a gender neutral space.
I'm drawn to the sophisticated components of this room; tone on tone wainscoting, the fur area rug and the traditional furniture pieces...but perhaps it's a bit too defined & grown up for a nursery. Still, the design itself is eye-catching.


This is another masterpiece by 
Uber Designer Extraordinaire Sarah Richardson
I never really paid much attention when the room originally aired on Design inc. but the amount of thought & detail in this nursery is remarkable. It was also designed "gender neutral" but turned out to be a baby Girl, Robin's very own designer nursery.

 Side Note....we don't need a gender neutral nursery....
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

 Back to the Nurseries.....

 Indeed, this is not your "typical" pink fluffy nursery but it is blatantly obvious a little baby girl lives here. That is what I consider thoughtful design without screaming "we're tickled in PINK". The parents/designer of this room daringly painted the walls a dark gray and allowed the strong feminine elements speak for themselves.

Another #winner...There is nothing that gets me more excited than an eclectic space that combines modern with traditional aesthetics. What a perfect way to inject pops of colour while still keeping a clean backdrop. Colour blocking is a very relevant design feature in fashion and as usual has crossed over into decor.


I do have to say that although all nursery's are special for one main reason,
they are home to the most precious people on earth, Babies!
This one in particular is extrordinarily special because it's designed for the baby of my friend of over 14 years (we were pretty much babies when we met).

 I'm very excited to share the progress of this amazing space with the blogging world.
Stay tuned for the furniture, fabric & wallpaper selection.....coming up on next week's post