Friday, May 6, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

It's no secret I love glamour and everything luxury related. If I could dream up a fantasy house it would be all glass and mirror with plush white fluff and dazzling crystal chandeliers would illuminate my marble floors....and... then I'd wake up.

There's something to be said about adding a little, if nothing less than a touch of sparkle to your home to make you feel slightly indulgent. My absolute must have for any interior space is mirror, not just a mirror but mirror in general. Whether it be side tables, accessories or even mirrored inserts, I believe that the space instantly transforms itself. My go-to accessory will always be an oversized mirror, given the right frame, dimension and scale It can very easily act as a piece of art. What's even better is that it is style and genre neutral. I can add an understated framed mirror to a streamlined and tailored interior and have the same triumph effect in a traditional room using a heavy ornate border. I personally love to mix and match styles to give the room character and add personality. For instance, the idea of creating juxtaposition by using an antique gilded mirror set against crisp walls and minimalistic furnishings is my idea of timeless design.
While reading Traditional Home Magazine I found these pictures taken of the most lavish interior I have ever laid eyes on, Beaux Arts Mansion. It almost blew me away, sometimes when I get really excited about interior design my eyes start to water, however this emotion could have brought on full tears.

This walk-in closet is every ladies' (and some men's) dream come true. It's over the top, lush and completely non attainable for the average person. I can just imagine all the Louboutins and designer labels making a home for themselves in the closet. Yet, besides the fascination with the closet it inspired to pull up some of my favourite uses of mirrored interiors.

 Thank you Traditional Home Magazine..these images are Fabulous!!

This whole master bedroom screams Glamour. The rich fabrics, the curved furniture, the tufted high headboard, the scale of the lamps and the mirrored end tables. What a perfect way to complete this luxurious space.

Playful yet a classic vignette, is how I would describe this seating area.
 The double mirror is a great example of mirror acting as art. It also opens up the space by creating depth & dimension.

This bathroom is flawless. I love how the designer used frame-less mirrors above the sinks so it wouldn't take away from the mirror inlaid into the drawers and cabinets.

Hello Stunning Kitchen! Do I really need to explain....

My personal fav. The wall of diamond mirror
On a side note... I adore the use of multiple chairs styles upholstered in the same fabric.
It almost looks like a high-end Mad-Hatters tea party

The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino in Madrid, Spain
I hope you enjoyed!!!