Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sustainability in Style

After 25 years of living in their 50 year old home my clients finally decided to demolish and re-design their existing kitchen once and for-all! A very sad kitchen was the heart of their home; the most used and most lived in part their house. The kitchen should really be called the living room, in my opinion. It is, without a doubt with area with highest traffic and the space we tend to spend the most time in.

At our initial consultation my clients, like many homeowner had no idea where to start from or which direction they were going. All that changed the minute I brought them a sample piece of terracotta  glass backsplash. It's almost as if a light went off and they were sold, this entire kitchen would be configured around the backsplash (a first for me, I have to say). Yet, I'm always up for a challenge!


Besides the obvious aesthetic issues there were quite a few matters that needed to be addressed in terms of functionality. The space was being dwarfed by the unnecessary bulk heads which where stealing a good 10" from these 8'0" high ceilings. Also, my clients wanted better flow in their space, better use for lighting and a better solution to access their "stuff" in each cabinet. Another concern my homeowners had was sustainability, something we're hearing alot about these days. They didn't just want a "pretty" result they longed for a healthy living space without sacrifices, but on the contrary; they wanted to gain more benefits from nature.

soft hues with polished accents in a serene setting 

Ready or Not here comes DEMO DAY!!

Painted with Benajmin Moore eco friendly paint

Espresso Natural Cork Flooring

New high efficently window & french doors
(a huge hyro bill savings)

Quartz Countertop
the most durable solid surface, heat resistant and wont hold bacteria like other materials