Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday {Inspirations}

Happy Hump Day!!!

Is it still Hump Day if it follows a long weekend? I'm not sure but at least this is a short week, well for those of us lucky enough to get a Civic Holiday
thanx Canadian Government.  

This Wednesday Inspiration is the an example of classic beauty.
A colour palette that always looks fresh, vibrant and current. It is one of my favourite combinations because it can be used as high contrast with equal proportion or subtle hits if used as a grounding device.


Entre si vous plait
This grand entrance just feels like a French Maison. So bold and daring yet intimately inviting.

I love a graphic floor pattern and this one is a definite winner. But, what makes this a design success is the minimal use of colour & accessories;
 the repetition of high gloss black on the doors and soft white walls unify this bold pattern and keep it looking like a classic black & white palette.

If I can add my two cents in though... I'd love to see an oversized coloured vase used as a point of interest.

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