Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby M's Designer Nursery: Update

If you're following along on my journey then you'll know I'm designing my very good friends/client's nursery. You haven't missed much though...
perfect timing!

After my effective motivational/inspirational style search I had presented the images to my clients anticipating I would broaden there horizons and they would have a better understanding of the different avenues we could take. Surprisingly they didn't fall in love with any of the rooms. However, I was thrilled...yes thrilled with that response. If you fall in love with a space and want to duplicate it then why would you hire a designer? you pretty much don't need me (and FYI I enjoy being needed). I want my clients to allow me to build a room where they feel special and unique and feel like it was truly designed for them. The images are purely a starting point.

I asked Baby M's anxious parents to entirely ignore all the obvious elements in the "inspirational" nurseries and focus on something that jumped out at them; I wasn't really looking for much just a speckle of something/anything...
YES that's a very technical design term; "Speckle of something".

And a "speckle" they found. They were drawn to the modern gray nursery; 
it was vivid and like nothing they've ever seen and that is exactly the fundamentals they wanted to implement in their/my design.

Lo and behold this is what my magical sourcing powers produced.....


VIOLET!! we're ditching the Pink and going straight to Purple - so fashion forward

Wallpaper samples - I know very non typical "baby" choices but I told you it's
a Designer Nursery
Wallpaper is by far my favourite go-to accent/statement piece in any room
(from the fun nursery to the formal living room you can't go wrong)

Fabric: We've got fabrics for bedding, drapery & many options so little space

OH did I mention we're doing custom bedding???
The bumper, the bed skirt & the blanket are all
ONE OF A KIND - Erica Gelman Originals

 If you want to see what our final selections are you'll have to some back to the blog for Update #3 -

Coming up on next week's update: sneak peak of the ridiculously fabulous crib they've selected.

I hope you enjoyed and I'd LOVE your feedback......


Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Shut the front door...on your way out}

This bathroom was waaaaaaay to stunning not to share!

You could not ask for a more subtle form of luxury in your bathing suite.
 There's polished marble laid in a herringbone pattern, a Crystal chandelier which hangs over the bathtub who's walls are adorned with sparking mosaic tiles...WOW
And can we take a look at the chrome nail head door details?
I believe that's a first for me.


This ensuite definitely deserves a "Shut the Front Door"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday {Inspirations}

Happy Hump Day!!

I feel like there is no better day than Wednesday to get a little inspired. I mean after all it 's the middle of the week and we're all back to our regular work structure and full on back in the swing of things...or is it just me that tasks two whole days to get myself together?

Today I've come across a truly unbelievable walk-in closet which has inspired to nag I mean 'suggest' to my husband that I too get one of these.

Can you imagine the shoe and handbag collection this closet is home to? Besides the glamour and glitz this interior also has some amazing design particulars. For instance, the makeup vanity - what a brilliant idea to do your hair and makeup right in your very own dressing room. And which girl or guy wouldn't love a space that feels like a slice of Paris a Parisian haut-couture boutique to be exact. It's all in the details; subtle pastel hues, minimal pattern and lots of rich textures.

This closet belongs to the exceptionally lucky Maleiah Rogers married to Ryan Rogers, grandson of Mary Kay skincare line founder.  
This is my perfect Wednesday Inspiration...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday = 4 more days until Friday

It's Monday...doesn't everyone hate Mondays?

That is me every Monday Morning...its true ask my husband he'll vouch for me

Monday means  the end of our relaxation, the final chapter, the conclusion, the finale of two wonderful days also known as 'the weekend'. I call them magical days because anything can happen, it's a completely unpredictable time where we get out of our daily routine / comfort zone and anticipate only the best for the next 48 hours. This past weekend my hubby & I spent two days relaxing at one of our best friend's cottages' up north. It's a place with generations of history and full of stories with spontaneous moments that have happened time and time again. A cottage or summer home (as some would call it) is a place that defines family and friends and the memories it creates lasts beyond a lifetime.  This particular cottage is your classic nostalgic summer home;  it's adorned with family portraits and newspaper clipping dating back to years before my time. The walls are covered with memorabilia and antique possessions almost everything has a story behind it. The cottage itself is very small and cozy yet it can easily hold the dozens of people who show up there on any given weekend. This particular weekend they hosted about 150 + people for their second annual 'Rock the Dock' fundraiser, honouring their dad who passed away in 2008. The party was a huge success and we had a blast.

<> This is the fab dock - full of ppl as usual.
That's my husband Eric, Me (in the middle) and our very good friend Jay (who's family owns the cottage)

My weekend escape got me thinking about how far cottages / summer homes have come in the last decade. It is no longer a place that accepts only hand-me-downs in replacement of new furnishings and the idea of a worn out & tired kitchen & bathroom are a thing of the past. They have evolved into sophisticated retreats and true weekend gateways. With their standards being on a much high level than ever before property owners are infusing their spaces with the same detail and pride as they would their 'weekday' homes. We are getting a more residential feel but with the same luxury and stylized features as you would in your own personal "hotel".

Here are my top pics and easy ways to have these looks in your fabulous
cottage and/or weekend home....Enjoy!

Welcome to the future of cottage living!

Hanging pot & pans, open shelves and a large island are the key components to a casual kitchen and a place where your guests can feel right at home. This layout lets everyone assemble around the island and lets your friends and family know exactly where the dishes are for the BBQ!
The kitchen is the heart of the home and doubles as the gathering place both in the city and at the cottage.
Whether you're cooling off in the pool or plunging in the lake there is no better way to relax and dry off then in one of these over sized wicker sun beds.


Cube Sky Cottage is located near the , architect.

Every room in this cottage has a view but not just any view; it's serene and lush and full of pure nature. This is what I would call a perfect execution of a modern atmosphere set in the rustic wilderness.
I'd leave my everyday residence to reside here any day.

If you have a more traditional style in the city then change it up for your weekends. Furnish your cottage with clean lines and simple decor. Keep it easy and light and that's the feeling you'll encase yourself in.

Can you say... Luxury???
I feel like this should be a cottage somewhere far far away...maybe in the south of France, perhaps Monaco?
Wherever it is it is the definition of fabulous! From the lumber panels ceilings to the crystal chandelier and down to the herringbone wood floors this is certainly not your classic cabin.

If you wanted to recreate this type of bedroom in your own weekend home you'll need to think hotel linens, monochromatic hues and delicate finishes.

It's probably not in Ontario but wouldn't this work perfectly in your Moskoka Room? Or any other sun room you may have in your cottage/summer home.
It's warm and inviting with all the comfort you can ask for. This is definitely a gathering space where I can see a crowd of people lounging on the huge sectional taking in the view. It can also be the cozy spot in the winter where you grab your hot coco and enjoy the scenery.

The key to this cozy environment is layering fabric on top of fabric. It's about taking in the colour palette from the outdoors so the floor to ceiling windows have no indoor competition.

via www.

This is a true vision!
Created by my all-time favourite designer Mary McDonald

I'm sure those sea shells cost Ms. McDonald's client a small fortune but it doesn't have to. Gather all the hard shells you can find, both by the water or in one of the little antique shops and create a welcome vignette for your guests.
Also, don't you just LOVE the use of non-predictable cottage colours..I'm loving the Vibrant Orange.

Thanks for reading...


Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby ..... it's gonna be a Designer Nursery

A very good friend of mine, who just so happens to be very pregnant had come to me with an extremely special request; her and her husband had proposed that I design their baby's nursery. I was thrilled with the prospect but more so I was honoured that they wanted their baby to live in one of my designer rooms.
Being the first child for both of them they knew they wanted a special place to come home to after the arrival of "Baby M". Without question I took them on as clients and went full force into nursery planning mode.

As any designer will tell you, being given the opportunity to work and explore colour and pattern limitless is invaluable. We, as designers are usually thrown restrictions and/or perimeters to work with-in, not always but the majority of the time this applies. So when a client tell you to run free with your imagination that is the kind of statement we live for.

BUT before I could run free with my ideas I needed to figure out if they had their own vision for the space. Luckily, they did not, I love when clients defer the creativity to the professionals; I mean we are the ones who hold a superior design knowledge, no? The only request I was given was "no typical nursery,please" the whole animal prints and cutesy baby themed patterns were not allowed in Baby M's new headquarters. I mean commmmon do I look like I would design a 'Toy Story comes to life ' kind of interior? Why shouldn't Baby M live in a space that's less than the standard of the rest of the house; clean & modern with simple yet bold features.

And so I began my nursery "inspiration" research...

I first looked at Mariah Carey's stunning yet over the top $100,000 nursery but then I was told it's
not exactly their in the budget!
(i just hate when that happens)


 Hello My Dream's nice to meet you
The opulence in this suite is second to none. It's basically crying out "I will be an expensive child, beware"
The bold prints, the striking fuchsia hues, the sparkle, the dazzle and faboulosity this nursery processes is breathtaking. The cabinetry which is used as a change table and dresser can easily double as a kitchen island
(in bigger scale) and fit right in.
But the piece du rezistance is the chandelier...i mean it's beyond words...I'm speechless.


What a fantastic way to design a gender neutral space.
I'm drawn to the sophisticated components of this room; tone on tone wainscoting, the fur area rug and the traditional furniture pieces...but perhaps it's a bit too defined & grown up for a nursery. Still, the design itself is eye-catching.


This is another masterpiece by 
Uber Designer Extraordinaire Sarah Richardson
I never really paid much attention when the room originally aired on Design inc. but the amount of thought & detail in this nursery is remarkable. It was also designed "gender neutral" but turned out to be a baby Girl, Robin's very own designer nursery.

 Side Note....we don't need a gender neutral nursery....
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

 Back to the Nurseries.....

 Indeed, this is not your "typical" pink fluffy nursery but it is blatantly obvious a little baby girl lives here. That is what I consider thoughtful design without screaming "we're tickled in PINK". The parents/designer of this room daringly painted the walls a dark gray and allowed the strong feminine elements speak for themselves.

Another #winner...There is nothing that gets me more excited than an eclectic space that combines modern with traditional aesthetics. What a perfect way to inject pops of colour while still keeping a clean backdrop. Colour blocking is a very relevant design feature in fashion and as usual has crossed over into decor.


I do have to say that although all nursery's are special for one main reason,
they are home to the most precious people on earth, Babies!
This one in particular is extrordinarily special because it's designed for the baby of my friend of over 14 years (we were pretty much babies when we met).

 I'm very excited to share the progress of this amazing space with the blogging world.
Stay tuned for the furniture, fabric & wallpaper selection.....coming up on next week's post