Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I sometimes feel like I'm the queen of Sales! There is nothing better then finding a pricey item you've been eyeing for months now miraculously in the clearance section. I feel the same way about my designer shoes too (but that for another blog..lol). Whats so good about Treasure Hunting at Home Sense, one of my favourite stores is that you feel like all your favourite items are on sale.

A few months ago I was renovating a powder room where the vanity was set to be our focal point. I needed something with impact and the way factor...oh and did I mention we were on a tight budget??? So when I walked into Home Sense one day on one of my usual weekly expeditions there I was determined to find something great. I knew the chances of me finding an actual vanity there were very slim but when my eyes met this lonely cream cabinet I knew I had found The One.

I know what you're thinking....it's NOT much to look at!!! But with a little vision and inspiration (Hey I am a Designer) I could turn this into a real prized possession AND with a $120.00 price tag I couldn't go wrong.

Without hesitation I drove the cabinet to get sprayed in with an intense black finish. A granite counter top was cut out of remnants my stone supplier had in his shop (another super savings). However the icing on the cake was finding the Brizo faucet online for half the price. BUT I wasn't done yet! The standard stainless steel handles the cabinet had come with were not up to par with my deluxe piece. I ordered crystal luminous balls which were the perfect match to its counterpart...the crystal chandelier. With all these amazing deals we also had plenty left over for the show-stopping opulent high gloss white mirror and the luxurious silk fabric which sits perfectly in the window frame.
'Budget' doesn't mean compromising style it's just a treasure hunt away!