Wednesday, March 3, 2010


WELCOME! Stay a while....

I've always wanted to start a blog about design so here I am sitting in front of my lap top introducing myself to the blog world! HELLO

My name is Erica Gelman and I'm an interior designer from Toronto, Ontario. I've been designing for what feels like my entire life but in reality I graduated from the Academy of Design 5 years ago where I received formal training. I find my true inspiration from everyday life and fantasy thoughts. After working as a set designer, project manager and commercial designer for local companies I took the plunge and formed House of Design in 2008 where I am the principal designer (which means I personally have complete creative control).

When I started my career I was exposed to mainly traditional design and therefore adapted that as my own style. However I learned very quickly that there was a whole other world out there and began dipping into a more contemporary technique. There was a time I found myself completely attracted to monochromatic concepts the white on white with a touch of white "hotel chic" mode, an absolute departure from my conventional taste. I needed a happy medium because it just didn't feel right! As a result I have now taken on my own approach to design; keeping things personal (whether it be my private home or my clients' spaces). My own house is very glamorous with predominantly high contrasting hues; black, white and grey, lots of sparkling chandeliers and luxurious fabrics. I have always loved old Hollywood Glamour and wanted to feel a little bit of that vibe in my own space (luckily my husband allowed me to express my creativity with out limitation..hey not every man loves a house full of pillows and trim and tassels).

I'm really excited to start sharing my design tips, my trials and tribulations with projects, my fab finds (I'm a huge fan of SALES, liquidations and promotions) and of course I'll be posting tons of pics along the way!!!!

I hope YOU Enjoy