Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the most delicious design

cupcakes, cookies and sweets OH MY!

Last year Monica Abramov, who just so happens to be my best friend, quite her full-time corporate career to open the most scrumptious and decadent boutique the city had ever tasted!
Monica, who is a very creative person herself knew the style she was looking for just didn't know how to execute it in terms of the interior design. Fortunately for her... I did! As we began brain storming the designs we immediately decided that the products were our major source of inspiration and that they were going to act as the stars of this production. With her baked creations named Chewy Vuittion, BurBerry, Jean Paul Bruley along with a list of others how could they not influenced our design concepts. Monica also had a great starting point and made the fearless request for PINK (and a lot of it). I was trilled she was willing to use such a daring and bold colour but knew that it could go terribly wrong if mishandled. This was going to be an upscale boutique; very glam yet fresh and modern, a space that could easily be home to elite cookie couture society.

I always start every project with a design direction...otherwise it's like exercising on the treadmill; running with no destination. And since this was a space that could handle a little fashion forward fun I had loved the idea of going Modern Gothic. I had a vision of pure white; white tables, white chairs, white wainscoting...WHITE. However, with such a dominant hue the pieces would need to be offset by dark floors and darker walls. And with all the cocoa in this boutique our intense saturation was influenced by luscious chocolate browns (only naturally). We were going to repeat this colour on the walls which would tie everything in together and give this space a coherent look. So when we found the antique brown damask wallpaper we knew it was perfect. But I couldn't forget about the PINK, it was going to be our punch of colour and act as the focal point. This said, I knew I had to place the PINK in very strategic places. My first order of business was to drop the ceiling above the service counter almost creating a bulk head effect, this draws the eye directly to the baked goods. But we weren't done yet...to give this shop a little ambient lighting we went with soft white crystal, a real touch of sophisticated style yet keeping the vibe modern & unique .
Luckily, Monica loved the concept...otherwise our 20 year friendship would have been over :)
On a serious note... I'd like to thank Monica for this amazing project!
Although I may have implemented the design it's Monica who achieves Delicious-ness daily!!!

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